I had a tantrum and went to bed early.

I had a tantrum and went to bed early.

I had a tantrum and went to bed early.Last night, I went to bed at 7pm. That may be no biggie to you, but the last time I went to bed that early was in 1985 and I had the flu. Or something.

There were signs that I needed an early night (like a three day headache, and the zero sleep that comes when your baby is in the midst of a developmental leap). But the clincher came while I was making dinner. I promptly dropped a heavy oven dish on my toe, sat down on the floor and wept uncontrollably for quite some time.

It was a tanty a two-year-old would’ve been proud of.

I needed someone to give me a bottle (of wine) and put me in my crib. I didn’t bother finishing dinner, unfortunately for Mr Chick. (To be fair he could’ve cooked the Thai chicken balls himself, but I hear the kebab shop around the corner was far more appealing.)

I muttered something like, ‘Bed’ and hobbled in there with a swollen toe and a bad case of the hiccups.

The plan was to have five hours of straight sleep before Charlie did his midnight dummy spit. I’d have five hours of the bed TO MYSELF, without either of the boys in it, until Mr Chick came in at midnight. It would be the night Charlie would go back to sleep after I found his dummy and gave it back to him. He would turn over, the adorable little cherub, and start gently snoring, and he would gently snore in his cot until 7am, whereupon I would wake, bright as a daisy having had the entire half of the bed to myself, and the day would begin in a jolly, well-rested manner.

Of cLife with Baby Kicksourse, Charlie woke about 2 seconds after I fell asleep (so around 7.02pm) and announced loudly that if I was sleeping in the big bed he should too, whereupon he proceeded to thrash, writhe, moan, giggle, pull my hair, kick me in the stomach, cry, scream in his sleep, snort, fart, pinch me and give me nipple cripples until I brought him onto my pillow and cuddled him back to sleep.

This worked at around 3.30am, and he then woke around 5.30am for a bottle.

Lesson learned: From now on I plan to stay up super late and do Deadwood marathons.

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  1. Lisa 9 years ago

    Sounds like a good case of sleep deprivation, sweetheart. Remember how parents would always say, “You’re just overtired,” when we lost it as kids?

    PS non-parents can have tanties too, right? I had a bad day at work, got overwhelmed by ingredient choice in the supermarket, had meltdown, came home, announced I would *not* be cooking dinner, sulked all evening & went to bed.

    • Author
      Rachel 9 years ago

      Totally sleep deprivation. But as I can’t get any sleep when I do go to bed, I figure I’ll just stay up late and bugger the consequences.

      And look, I was the QUEEN of the meltdown pre-kids. (I think they call it drama queen. Not that I’m calling you a drama queen or anything. Honestly. The supermarket can drive anyone bonkers 😉 xx)

  2. Kelly 9 years ago

    Oh poor you! I feel for you hun. I go to bed early most nights, as I am just wrecked at the end of the day……without even injuring myself. But that sucks when he woke up just after you laid down! Kids definitely have some sort of sixth sense when it comes to us resting. Hope the toe is better. xo

    • Author
      Rachel 9 years ago

      It is a bit black and blue… but on the mend. Stupid oven dish! 🙂

      I wish I could go to bed early. I always seem to get all energised around 9pm, it’s ridiculous!!!

  3. Michelle 9 years ago

    Oh no! Lucky they are cute.
    I’m in bed 830 most nights now, 10 is a late one….

    • Author
      Rachel 9 years ago

      Whoa, that is early… 🙂

      And yes, I forgive him everything for how adorable he is. He was kissing a monkey in a book today and I literally thought I would die from the cuteness overload.

  4. Mummy Fever 9 years ago

    I need to do this lol! #effitfriday

    • Author
      Rachel 9 years ago

      It can be surprisingly effective 🙂

  5. OldPoyntz 9 years ago

    Sometimes there’s nothing for it but a big tantrum. I like a good one about once a year. Plate throwing, crying, shouting, snot running down my face, kids agog like I’ve stripped naked and run down the street. Sorry yours didn’t work so well, they get better with practice!

    • Author
      Rachel 9 years ago

      My mum used to do the annual tantrum well too. I need to hone my technique 🙂 I love the sound of yours. Plate throwing, tears AND snot? Respect 🙂

  6. Nicole Kitzman 9 years ago

    Bahhhaaahhha…This made me laugh. I also had a go to bed at 7pm experience last night. Check it out here: http://wp.me/p6jxFh-nx

    • Author
      Rachel 9 years ago

      I read it last night. Classic. “Go get the ipads” and they come back WITH the ipads. Hahah 🙂

      The days of being alone in bed are over, I fear…

  7. I love the word tanty! Sounds like one of those nights you pull the cover over your head and mutter to yourself.thanks for linking!x

    • Author
      Rachel 9 years ago

      Yes, except I had the baby under the covers as well. He can beat my tanty anytime! 🙂

      Great to connect Laura, and thanks so much for sharing the post around the trappings XO

  8. I am feeling this right now! The Diva has croup, I haven’t slept in 3 nights. I just had an argument with a mango. If I could buy you some sleep vouchers I would!!! Love your blog. X

  9. Author
    Rachel 9 years ago

    Aww thanks Helen, likewise! And wouldn’t it be great if sleep vouchers existed!? Fark, I need one tonight. Croup is scary too, I hope you get some sleep tonight and your little one is on the mend soon! X

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