UP THE DUFF Week 20: Boy or girl?

UP THE DUFF Week 20: Boy or girl?

UP THE DUFF Week 20: Boy or girl?

I’m hopeless at keeping surprises, so…


And, to be completely honest, I have been kind of crapping myself.

I think I was so secretly convinced I was having a girl and had already planned out about 5698 outfits she’d be wearing that I had to do a bit of a turnaround. Oh who am I kidding. It was a massive, complete, meltdowny rethink of epic proportions.

But now I’m in love with the idea of a boy and crazy excited and every time I see a little boy toddler at the doctor’s or in the street I just go all sooky la-la and can’t believe I will have one of my own soon.

My friends with boys have also been texting and ringing with unsolicited boy wisdom that has been, in a word, beautiful to hear.

boy symbol“Boys are cool. So easy and so uncomplicated. You just feed them, love them, give them lots of cuddles and they get on with life. They don’t overthink stuff too much.”
“I thought, a boy? I know girls, what am I going to do with a BOY? But trust me, boys are super cuddly and they absolutely LOVE their mamas.You’re going to be fine.”
“There is something so luscious about boys. It’s true they’re a bit more uncomplicated, but my eight-month old just looks at me and he’s such an old soul.”
“I was a bit freaked out about the thought of having a boy but now I do, he is the absolute apple of my eye. I am crazy in love with him in a way I never expected.”

Already, our son is proving to be a wriggly, naughty little chicklet who refuses to roll the right way on a scan even when his mama is instructed to get off the bed and ‘jump around’. Let me assure you, there’s nothing elegant about a 19-week pregnant woman with a bare belly covered in ultrasound gel doing her impression of the macarana, but the minute I lay down again our little dude gave us a definite ‘thumbs up’ on the monitor which amused the sonographer so much she paused it so we could all have a laugh.

Something tells me he’s going to have a very cheeky sense of humour and I really can’t wait to meet him.

horseyWhat’s your advice as a mother of a boy? Anything I need to know? Anything amazing you weren’t expecting? Is it really true you need to have two nappies at the ready for the first three months because once he’s pant-free he’ll be peeing all over me? Please share in the comments!

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  1. Brenda 8 years ago

    Oh Stop it – the cuteness is too much!

    I wish I could have another too but my 14yr old daughter told me I’d whinge at it as soon as it came out anyway “Pickup your crap! Who left this here? Why is the bathroom floor covered in water?” so THIS is who I’ve become now, as well as having an argument (on her behalf) with her dance teacher and being at netball for like a gazillion hours on a Saturday (two girls, two games PLUS umpiring -oh joy!)

    Enjoy your little boy, lovely lady – they are truly deeee-vine (and so are teenage girls, I just have to be reminded every now and again. And just bought her size 9.5 shoes FFS!!!)

    • Author

      Don’t worry, I’ll let you come over and give the chicklet a squeeze! He told me (via ESP) that he can’t wait to meet his Aunty Brenda! 🙂

  2. Brenda 8 years ago

    You might never get rid of me! I literally CANNOT wait…. xx and now I know why I have so many pictures of Graces feet when she was little. You have always been a sucker for a set of pudgy little feet.

    • Author

      I am looking forward to having bubba footsies around the place 24/7, especially when they get all that pudge around the toes. Oh lordy TOO CUTE!

  3. Nico 8 years ago

    So excited you are having a boy! As you know we were told at a scan that we were having a second girl but they got it wrong. Best mistake ever. Only piece of advice I have is willy down when you change him otherwise enjoy the love. xx

  4. Mother Bear 8 years ago

    Sleep now! That would be my first piece of advice as the mother of two very LOUD and active boys. Also join your local anything active when they hit toddlerhood. Little Athletics was awesome so too is the gymnastics class my four year old is enthralled by. It gives him a chance to be praised for all that climbing, jumping and rolling that has landed him in hot-water and our local Emergency Department three times.

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