UP THE DUFF Week 38 + 39: The waiting game.

UP THE DUFF Week 38 + 39: The waiting game.

up the duff 39 post

Very cheeky of me, I know, cramming two weeks of Up The Duff into one, but allow me a little leeway (I barely know my own name at the moment).

Mr Chick took me for a Last Hurrah / babymoon / belated birthday weekend at my favourite hotel in Sydney last weekend, which was awesome, although I was very nervous the chicklet was going to come on the Friday night after we’d checked in. He was so low down and walking was tricky. When I sit still and he rolls around, I realise just how much of a BABY he is now. He’s a big boy. The doppler always shows a strong heartbeat. And when he decides to bust a move, mama knows about it.

The rock’n’roll nursery’s pretty much done. We hung Mr Chick’s guitars on the wall, I put the cot together yesterday and washed all his clothes and packed 3-4 weeks of nappies into a drawer. I also dug into the depths of my wardrobe for the llama-fur teddy bear I bought four long years ago in Peru. Back then I had no idea if I’d ever become a mum and the bear, carted all over South America, has been sitting in a plastic bag at the back of my cupboard all this time. Seeing it on the sofa in the nursery was a sweet moment.

The ‘Anything yet?’ calls and texts have started. Nothing doing, people. I am currently on the couch resting my busted knee after falling thanks to a stupid rug I decided, stupidly, to put in the hallway because it looked nice. Yeah, note to self: rugs and freshly polished floors are a bad combo.

Here is what I need to do before the baby arrives:

  • Buy maternity bras and massive granny undies / mens boxer shorts / recovery shorts / belly band
  • Pack hospital bag with all the mysterious packets of nipple shields and pads and things I bought at the chemist last week
  • Bug Mr Chick to do a playlist of my favourite songs (who knows if we’ll even listen to it)
  • Stop asking, ‘Do you think I’m brave enough to get through this?’ to Mr Chick whenever I’m bent double by a random muffin punch
  • Do about 5 million loads of washing
  • Sort out my out-of-office messages
  • Figure out maternity payments. Apply for maternity payments.
  • Stop worrying about the state of the house.
  • Meditate
  • Relax
  • Sleep.

horseyWhat did you do in the final week before your baby / babies were born? And was he/she on time, late or REALLY late?

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