WHO WON my Mother’s Day competition?

WHO WON my Mother’s Day competition?

The grand prize winner has been drawn for the tea subscription Mother’s Day prize and it is… SARAH! Congrats Sarah. I’ll be in touch to arrange your Tea With Alice prize.

I am a huge fan of the humble cuppa.

My teapots keep having babies, my infuser collection is beyond a joke and the tea shelf in my pantry is always fit to bursting with different kinds of teas. Not being a coffee drinker, I power through far too much tea a day. I can drink it late. I drink it early. I don’t even care if it replaces wine. And being the tea nerd I am, I’m stoked to team up with Tea With Alice for The Mama Files’ first competition. Seems pretty apt it’s for Mother’s Day, right? Tea With Alice are a new Sydney-based company doing tea subscriptions. I love the whole subscription box craze happening online at the moment – where, much like a magazine, you can order a monthly subscription of whatever you love and are interested in, like beauty products or snacks or TEA!

TWA Product ShotI’ve been sampling some of the offerings in my Tea With Alice box this week, including the Royal Britannia, a mild but delicious English Breakfast tea, the delicate organic Kyoto Sencha, and the Vitalitea, a fruity herbal with oolong, papaya, pineapple, hibiscus, orange and lemon. Each box comes with four teas (40 cups in total) with a beautiful calico bag to store your teas in, and a cute strawberry infuser so it’s easy to make yourself a cuppa.

The winner… will receive a 3-month Tea With Alice subscription worth $72 – that’s 120 cups of tea, and you can choose the types of tea you like (or, if you’re giving it as a gift, the recipient can choose what they like).

How to enter: Leave a comment below about why you love tea. Your favourite tea. Your best ever tea experience. (Tea nerds who go to the trouble of always warming the pot are welcome.)

T+Cs: This competition is now closed, but thanks to all who entered!

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  1. BC 9 years ago

    I confess I do try and warm the pot if I have time, it does make for a much nicer cupper. Love Earl Grey the most and first thing in the morning.

    • Author
      Rachel 9 years ago

      Agree about the teapot! I was taught that by a friend many moons ago and now it’s a little ritual for me whenever I’m making a pot of tea. Not to rush, and to warm the pot first.

      Re Earl Grey – I used to love it, went off it during pregnancy and now can’t stand it. Weird, huh?

      Thanks for entering and good luck!

  2. brittaney 9 years ago

    My favorite tea is the uninterrupted cup in the morning while my son has his morning sleep.

    • Author
      Rachel 9 years ago

      Oh yes. Love that. Too many of my cuppas during the day go cold so the one you can savour when they’re asleep is heaven! Thanks for your entry Brittaney, best of luck!

  3. Michelle V 9 years ago

    I myself am not a tea drinker, however, my beautiful mum adores her tea. So much so that she often carries a thermos and stash of tea bags when we are out and about!
    As soon as she comes round for a visit, she says “Pop the kettle on!”
    She loves Earl Grey tea, and this prize would be TEA-RIFFIC for her! 🙂

    • Author
      Rachel 9 years ago

      Aww that’s dedication to not missing your cuppa – I love it Michelle! Good luck for your mum!

  4. Michelle smith 9 years ago

    On a winter’s night nothing beats a T2 Licorice Legs with my Son age 10 who loves a good chin wag

    • Author
      Rachel 9 years ago

      MUST try that = sounds intriguing 🙂

  5. kathryn carter 9 years ago

    My favorite tea is white Jasmine tea because it tastes like spring and immediately relaxes me (which makes me a much nicer person!). I love not just tea but all the paraphernalia. I love beautiful quirky pots, clever infusers and innovative tea cups/travel mugs. I love my current teapot which sits nice and warm on a stand with a tea candle in it so I can keep going back for more. Im currently waiting on my first Alice box and can’t wait to sample all those lovely teas.

    • Author
      Rachel 9 years ago

      I’m a huge collector of the paraphernalia too Kathryn. I had to stop buying teapots because I couldn’t fit them all in the cupboard! Love how you keep yours warmed over a candle – great idea. Good luck in the comp!

  6. Linda 9 years ago

    Honestly I have tea because it’s much healthier than coffee for me (also because the coffee crash renders me as an insufferable irritated bitch).
    I’d say my favourite tea is a good old English Breakfast or some Chinese Green Tea. They’re especially great to perk your spirits and warm you up in colder weather just like the current weather in Sydney.

    • Author
      Rachel 9 years ago

      Haha I’ve never had the coffee crash Linda so I can’t comment… love the smell but can’t drink the stuff for some reason. So I’ve always been into tea. I’m a bit addicted to English Breakfast and the Sencha in my Alice box is really gorgeous too. Good luck in the draw!

  7. Mel Savage 9 years ago

    What a fabulous idea!
    Mum and I are a couple of mad hatters when we get together for a cuppa. We go all out with our tea sets and get a little too excited when we find a new blend to try.
    In summer we’re all about cold brew infusions and winter it’s a hot pot of tea or two, sitting out in the afternoon sun.
    I know she’ll love this prize just as much as I’ll love sharing it with her.

    • Author
      Rachel 9 years ago

      Crossing my fingers for you and your mum Mel. I love sharing a cuppa with my mum too – although she’s into Earl Grey and I’ve gone right off it since pregnancy! So weird.

  8. Debbie 9 years ago

    I also adore T2’s licorice legs; it’s very sweet so perfect for satisfying sugar cravings if you’re trying to cut back on sugar. Love all their teas in fact and, as you know, their generosity with samples. Pretty much the only tea I don’t really care for it earl grey – I find the bergamot too perfumy. Also a fan of teapot warming!

    • Author
      Rachel 9 years ago

      Yep, I’m firmly an EGB girl these days, Deb. And I somehow knew you’d be a teapot warmer (that sounds like a naughty euphemism :))

  9. Karlene 9 years ago

    I have a teapot / cup for one that I bought from T2 and I often look at it admiringly and it makes me think I should have a cuppa.

    • Author
      Rachel 9 years ago

      Oh those are so cute. T2 is a dangerous place for many of us it seems! Good to see you over here Karlene – good luck in the comp!

  10. Jenna 9 years ago

    At the moment I’m all about the tea. Breastfeeding, and dairy free for bubs reflux, I’ve been relying on herbal teas to get me through 🙂

    • Author
      Rachel 9 years ago

      A couple of the mums in my mother’s group are dairy free, Jenna, so I know that’s a hugely restrictive diet. I feel for you. Hope it’s helping your bubba’s reflux. And good luck with the comp – if you win you can request all herbal I think which would sort you out for months! 🙂

  11. Di Childs 9 years ago

    I love how relaxed tea makes me, especially when I’m super-stressed. It just seems to calm me right down and put everything in perspective. I’m a fan of Earl Grey and Chamomile, although I do enjoy the fruity infusion teas too.

    • Author
      Rachel 9 years ago

      What’s that saying Di – if a cup of tea can’t fix it, then it’s serious!? I agree, I use tea as a de-stresser too. Love it.

  12. brendab 9 years ago

    Tea, tea glorious tea
    Nothing quite like it for warming mum and me
    so follow me follow
    down to the hollow
    and there let us swallow
    our glorious tea

    Whenever I entice
    my mum from her coffee vice
    we indulge in an English breakfast or an Aussie afternoon
    Because you can never be too wordy, or nerdy about glorious, glorious tea

    By the evening star,
    we travel wide and far
    to re-experience that moment in Singapore
    of the highest of high teas and then we sing our refrain

    Tea, tea, glorious tea…
    (With apologies for the re-imagining of the Hippopotamus Song)…

    Rachel, you can never love tea enough,
    from another serious Mad Hatter.

    • Author
      Rachel 9 years ago

      A lovely reworking, my dear 😉

  13. Sarah 9 years ago

    I enjoy a cup of chia with milk, honey and a chat.

    • Author
      Rachel 9 years ago

      I’ve never gotten into chia myself but I’m going to try it again! Good to see you over here Sarah! Hope you and Will are having a good week and good luck in the draw!

  14. Steph 9 years ago

    We don’t often appreciate the part of our lives when we were young such as enjoying a cup of tea with family and friends. It’s interesting because it’s often the everyday things that we take for granted most of the time. In response to your question Rachel, this empowering realising is how I essentially came to love my tea, and my mother. Mother’s Day will soon be here and let us make it an ode to the taking of tea, the start of new friendships and the making of memories.

    • Author
      Rachel 9 years ago

      Hear, hear Steph! Definitely moments to savour (I had one with some friends this morning, bit impromptu as one lives far away now, and all the more special). Good luck with the comp!

  15. Lizzy-Lou 9 years ago

    I love my tea and I have converted so many of my friends. We have been known to have a few High-Tea Parties where we each bring our specialty cakes and savories. I hunt down Tea from small businesses.
    Tea with Alice is on my radar!

  16. lifes_good 9 years ago

    Currently for me it’s all about Earl Grey tea in the afternoons. As soon as my son goes down for his afternoon nap, I sit down with a cuppa and take 10 mins (and a bickie usually!) to just chill. It’s often been a saviour to my sanity on particularly difficult days!

  17. Linda S 9 years ago

    On a ferry in India that looked like it may tip at any time,
    … my delicious Chai suited me to a TEA!


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