Taken down by a peg or two.

Taken down by a peg or two.

teething-rings-7I’m exaggerating. Teething hasn’t been THAT bad.

Talk to other parents and they’re like, ‘Oh, you got him sleeping at night? Great. You just wait til he starts teething. It’s HELL. HELL I TELL YOU. The end of LIFE AS YOU KNOW IT.’

I heard that so often that I truly was expecting (and dreading) nights of endless screaming (and if that’s been your experience you have my sympathies). In our case it’s just been months of drooling, some unsightly face clawing, lots of ear pulling and rubbing and a desire by Charlie to stick all his fingers in his mouth at once and leave them there to gnaw on for hours on end. (Not a good look when you’re trying to introduce him to people.)

Anyway, I’ve been waiting for the white patch to form on his lower gum for what feels like forever (apparently the precurser to teeth coming through) and finally, it appeared. He was a bit more slobbery and clingy than usual, we had a few nights where he’d cry for a bit, scratch his face and pull at his ears, but go to sleep after some Nurofen.

Bonjela has also been our friend, to the point where I’ll say, ‘Bonjela?’ to Charlie and he just lies back and opens his sore mouth. (Maybe I have been overdoing it somewhat).

Then one morning this week – boom! His first little peg had popped through and he was all smiles. And so cute I have been love-bombing him to within an inch of his life. He actually pushes me away now. He’s like, ‘Mama. Yes I have a new tooth and yes I am adorable but STOP with the kissing. Enough.’

I can’t help it. He’s too delicious.

Anwway, he’s had his second bottom tooth come through today as well and for the first time in ages I was allowed to stick my finger in his mouth and have a proper feel. He even seemed proud they were there and kept throwing back his head and laughing hysterically. Which made me think that it was possibly worse than we thought and he was just being stoic.

Or maybe the bigger teeth are the bad ones. Stay tuned.

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  1. Kelly 9 years ago

    Ooooh teething! The memories.

    I used Bonjella with Reeve when he teethed too. That stuff is awesome. Nurofen also made a regular appearance in our household.

    You still got a long way to go! But some kids are fine with teething.

    • Author
      Rachel 9 years ago

      We are caning the Nurofen too. Everywhere I read that you shouldn’t do it but my GP said that was rubbish and if kids are miserable and in pain why shouldn’t you give them pain relief. Made me feel a bit better.

      I’ve been rubbing Charlie’s little bottom teeth for him today. I think it must tickle because he laughs hysterically when I do it. He is so funny at the moment!

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