UP THE DUFF Week 32: Nursery must-haves?

UP THE DUFF Week 32: Nursery must-haves?

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We’re on the reno home-stretch and while I’d like to say that by Friday onwards I will be sitting on my arse in my new house contemplating my (very round) navel, there’s still one massive job left to do. The nursery.

Temple and Website wall decalHere’s what I have for the nursery so far:

  • Mini cot (on loan from my friend Monica)
  • Change table (on loan from my friend Jac)
  • Carry cot (to take baby to people’s houses, from my sister Nat)
  • Sling (essential for any Newtown-based hippy mother, also from Nat)
  • Baby Bjorn (also from Nat)
  • Bumbo seat (which lovely blogger Simone at Honey and Fizz has offered to lend me)

I also have heaps of clothes and books from friend and blogger Nico at The Beauty Page and her sister and one of my besties Pip – and apparently more to come from Monica.

Even so, I thought I should look at my options. So I waltzed into Babies’R’Us the other day and my head basically exploded. Apparently, ‘less is more’ does not apply to parenthood… but do I really need a nappy bin, wipes warmer, elaborate crib bedding, bottle warmer, bottle steriliser, mobiles, baby bath, swings, expensive high chair, manual breast pump, nursing pillow, white noise machine, baby food processor? I can see myself repurposing stuff around the house for a lot of this gear.

I will say, the idea of a baby monitor does appeal. Even though we live in a tiny house and will probably hear every single peep, chirp, coo, cry, gurgle and 3am scream with no problem whatsoever. 

horseyRC mamas, help! Was there anything you bought or were given for your baby that gathered dust from day 1? Any never-again nursery items you just didn’t need? Please share in the comments before I go and bankrupt myself further.

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