UP THE DUFF Week 33: The best bits of advice ever for a mum to be.

UP THE DUFF Week 33: The best bits of advice ever for a mum to be.

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My family and friends threw me a baby shower last weekend, which was super fun. However, the highlight wasn’t the chunky scones with jam and cream (my current craving) but rather, a surprise book of advice that pretty much everyone who came to the shower contributed to. Many were mums. Many weren’t. Some were kids who hadn’t even hit double digits yet. But they all had something to say. Here are some snippets – pretty cool, wouldn’t you agree?

Claire: “Do not be afraid to call a helpline in the middle of the night. They are a breeze to talk to. And, sit in the sun with your boobs in the breeze. It’s very soothing.”

Aunty Shell: “When days are tough, take it hour by hour – or minute by minute. Remember all your friends who have kids, and make a phone call.”

Nico: “Take all the food offered, and if anyone wants to do your washing, let them. Remember to smell his head!”

Bec R: “Enjoy the early weeks / months with your little one. Don’t feel pressure to have visitors or get out to visit. Friends and family will understand and be patient. Nest with your baby.”

Jo: “We can’t wait to meet your little boy. Having a little boy is the biggest joy I’ve ever known. I know you will feel the same. I asked Thomas for some useful parenting tips as the mother to a boy. He said, give lots of hugs (and pocket money!) Don’t lose your temper and shout, boys don’t like their mums doing that. Just be you.”

Indri: “Just keep that baby fed, comforted and safe in any way you choose. Also, if you only do one thing for yourself a day, have a shower. It always makes you feel better.”

Pip: “No advice needed – you will rock it! But, if you could dress him in animal outfits, that would be awesome.”

Monica: “Don’t be a hero in the delivery room. Nothing wrong with some drugs. And, when he’s born, sleep when he sleeps. That’s it, because if you’re not tired you can do anything.”

Geli (age 5): “Look after him. Give him milk, give him hugs, love him.”

Juz: “Get an awesome babysitter so you can still come out and party with me!”

Mikayla (age 10): “When he’s ten have a sex talk with him (but do it with dad). Never change his interests and personality. Love him with all your heart.”

Claudia: “Milk comes in three days after birth so if you feel the blues, it’s normal. It will pass!”

Nat: “You will be the most amazing, loving, beautiful, gorgeous mama ever.”

Jacqui: “A hot shower for ten minutes solve sleep deprivation craziness. And, have friends you can be honest with (me!) on speed dial. Don’t filter. We’ve all been there. Sometimes a good vent is all you need. We are there for you.”

Suki: “I don’t have any tips, not having any little ones of my own yet. But I will support you any way you need. I’m happy to babysit anytime or bring you food or supplies anytime. Let me know and I’ll be there in a flash.”

Little Claire: “Well, this is the blind leading the blind, but … don’t let stuff get you down. I’ve watched some of my friends obsess and others who don’t and the calm ones seem to win.”

Maddie (age 13): “Because I’m a teenager, my tips – always talk things through if something’s wrong. Once a month, have a date day with your son.”

Bec T: “Don’t listen to too much advice; do what works for you. Never wake a sleeping baby. Oh and ‘Words with Friends’ is your friend.”

Lisa T: “Enjoy, relax and never be afraid to ask for help. Diego and I will happily babysit your little one!”

Donna: “If he starts crying it means he needs milk, sleep or cuddles (but most likely milk). Call me anytime if you need anything.”

Maya (age 7): “Be nice to your baby boy and give him lots of cuddles. Don’t be scared of changing his nappy. Teach him to be a cool guy.”

Lisa & Tim: “Change the littler tray twice a day, keep him warm, if he miows a lot he’s either hungry or bored. Tickle him behind his ears.”

Mum: “Keep a diary so you can giggle later on. Keep several dummies on hand, always! And keep believing that ONE DAY… you’ll get a good night sleep. Keep your sanity by phoning anytime. And keep your sense of humour.”

What was the best bit of advice you received before becoming a mum?

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